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     In January, my co-hosts, Audri and Jim Lanford, and I brought together some of the Internet’s best and brightest assembled at the Wyndham Hotel in Los Angeles, to conduct what was expected to be a first in Internet Marketing history. The Billion Dollar Internet Super Summit.

“What an amazing experience, Audri!“You know, when I heard what the ‘price of admission’ was, I asked myself, ‘What the heck can we say or do that would be worth that much money?'”Now I know! I never saw so many energized people leave knowing exactly what to do. And I’m still getting wonderful e-mails about how we all OVERdelivered at the Summit. “Thanks very much for asking me to participate. It was truly my pleasure.”


16 of the very top people in the Internet business game got together to teach a select group their personal systems and techniques — the same ones that have made them fortunes online.

With over 300 people in attendance, they exceeded all expectations. Even their own.

The advice was so specific, so practical, and so clear that participants were getting on the phone and making profitable changes to their businesses between sessions. Starting with the very first session!

To your great profit, we recorded the entire event. And you’ll get this remarkable program for far less than the $5,000 the participants paid.