What People Are Saying About The Billion Dollar Summit

“Everybody says focus on your customer, but who actually does so for real? This seminar certainly did, at two levels: First, a relentless focus on actionable items that people can actually use to build a better Internet strategy and a better site. Second, many, many techniques for serving your customer better online and making your customer the driving force for your Internet strategy.”


“I have attended several seminars in the past but this was far and away the most informative and enlightening conference ever. From the superb quality of the content, the total involvement of the presenters, and unmistakable enthusiasm of the participants, I can only say a hearty WELL DONE (pardon my shouting).”


“With the information and tools you presented we’ve already saved more than $20,000 in web development costs! I estimate we’ll bring in $100,000 in our first year after applying the straightforward and immediately applicable concepts presented by the experts at the Summit.”


“The summit was exceptional. Not only did I walk away with a number of great ideas on how to improve my website, I also came away with a much more thorough understanding of the Internet and e-marketing. Thanks for doing an incredible job.”


“Congratulations and eternal thanks are due to each of the Internet experts who offered, presented, and shared so much of their knowledge, themselves, and their passion at the Billion Dollar Internet Super Summit. Also, a special rousing STANDING OVATION is due to Audri and Jim Lanford, cosponsors of the Super Summit, for a superb performance and an absolutely phenomenal experience. In more than 30 years of my professional life, I have never worked with and met so many creative people in one place, at one time and with such focus. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I expect to experience extraordinary lifetime results from implementing the strategies I developed during the Summit.”


“The summit was awesome. I admit, the first night I was there I was a little concerned that it was going to be a 4 day infomercial (a lot of talk, but not a lot of specifics). But, by the end of day one, I was incredibly excited and hyped about the rest of the conference. By the end of the conference, I had lists and lists of ideas and info for improving our business. Thanks for all the good work that you did for getting everything put together. It was truly one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had.”


“The only problem is now I’ve not only got my old sites to make over (the right way), I’ve go ideas for 3 new sites. And I bet all will end up profitable. Cool people. Great information. Guided and focused for maximum individual benefit. Absolutely awesome in scope, depth, and clarity. Step-by-step and I will get it all done. Thanks!!”


“I felt that the Internet summit gave all the attendees, including myself, a huge edge over anyone who didn’t attend. I feel that because of the summit, I deeply understand the strategies required to make money on the Web.”


“Awesome. The best educational program I’ve ever attended. I learned my business via seminars and have spent a small fortune attending them… yours was by far the best.”


“Hey super visionaries: What a great experience! My mind and soul just cannot stop downloading enough ideas. You and your group put something together that I believe was one of the most mind-motivating experiences people will ever have!

“My business/jock brain is in overload! Your true passion for people and dedication to success shined so very bright. For that I thank you!”


“After the summit my brain has been itching and swelling from all the new ideas and information. I can’t wait to implement some of these new approaches and see where they take me. I have already used some of them and received positive results. Thanks for all you did for us!”


“Thank you for that great event! I came to L.A. with a list of questions. I have found more answers than I have had questions! I have met wonderful people – hope we will stay in touch, at least in the virtual world!”


“It made me intensely aware of what I needed to do to create obscenely profitable websites.”


“This event culminated all of my 4 years of reading and put me into laser focus on the direction and future of the Internet, both from a marketing and business visionary perspective.”


What People Are Saying About Jay Abraham


“Jack Canfield and I approached Jay when we wanted to do the book concept for Chicken Soup for the Soul. Jay gave Jack and me two killer concepts. Obviously they must have worked, because so far we’ve sold over 14 million copies.”


“Possibly the greatest marketing expert alive today… a man who can turn you from a marketing greenhorn into a marketing Green Beret.”


“Phenomenal… articulate… amazing.”


We recently completed a $1,000,000 program called the “Ultimate Live Marketing Research Laboratory.” The results achieved by the participants were nothing short of amazing.

“The referral system which was my ‘Aha!’ at the first meeting that we had not only drives more business into my office than any advertising I ever did, but it resulted in an increase of my average ticket by more than $1,000.”


“Made $30,000 in two days using techniques that I learned here.”


“Increased revenue by $200,000 in a year.”


“I’ve been able to double the size of my landscape company in the last two years.”


“The biggest reward financially came from a $48,000 sale with an $8,000 growth within two weeks of using the power of pre-emption.”

“I plan to live a couple of decades longer because that’s the only way I can use all the knowledge that I learned here.”

“The power of the Internet has caused my business to grow three or four times in the last couple of years and it’s been really a simple process. With access to the Internet, you can do what took 20 or 30 years within one to five years. That’s very exciting for me, because the fact that you could accumulate that amount of wealth in a short period of time, and not have to re-invent the wheel – to me – is the only way to go.”

“Doubled minimum order size … 175% increase in revenues in 18 months … 75% increase in gross profit … wrote a letter which turned into $70,000 worth of sales.”

<>p”When we started this program in February last year, we were a $200,000 operation. We’re now a $3.4 million operation.”

What People are Saying About Audri and Jim Lanford

“When we set up our website, greatvoice.com, your Internet Business Advisory materials were the only source we used for information on how to market and set up the site. This is the most complete and easy-to-use information available anywhere! You told me step-by-step exactly what to do, in clear language that even the most non-technical person like me could understand. From how to register the site and get high positions on the search engines, to how to launch an e-zine, to writing copy for the site itself. You left no stone unturned.


“I am proud to say we have enjoyed fantastic results. Our site now pulls in over $100,000 in product and service revenue annually and we are constantly getting compliments on our content and ease of use. You guys truly care about your customers and it shows in everything you do. I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into helping business owners like me become successful online.””It’s very simple: my online business wouldn’t exist without Audri and Jim’s help. They gave me not just the nuts and bolts of website development (which are a dime a dozen); they took the time to explain:


  • HOW and WHY people buy (and don’t buy) online;
  • How to get people to trust you (when they can’t even see you); and
  • How to create a site that actually sells products.

“Without the help of the entire NETrageous staff, I have no doubt that I would not have accomplished even a tenth of what I did last year.”